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Use our body language in a date when our body can produce over 700,000 unique movements



Covering mouth

How to use our body  language on a date when our body can produce over 700,000 unique movements

More than 90% of the date is conveyed by non-verbal means. you think you have said all the right things, but in the end it's all about chemistry! Do you have good chemistry?

Our brain detects non verbal signs to analyze if you are a good match, and most of that is an unconscious process, which you can now understand and control using the body language cards. Create the chemistry, by mastering the non-verbal language.

We polish our verbal skills for years but few of us give much consideration to their non verbal communication and body language skills that support the verbal messages and can make the difference.

Up-to-date research has proven that the large majority of messages are received in varying levels of effectiveness. The impact you make on others depends on what you say (7%), how you say it (38%), and by your body language (55%).


How to Detect Lies




When a person uses very little eye contact, they may also be lying and not want to be detected; it also could be a result of coulter behavior.
  • "The eyes are often called  “the windows of the soul” as they can send many different non-verbal signals.Usually someone makes eye contact at least half the time they are talking to you.
  • If you notice them avoiding eye contact or looking down during a specific part of a conversation, they may well be lying.


"I'm not so sure of what I am saying.”

This gesture may occur in situations in which the person is lying, hiding certain information, overreacting or is not convinced of what he/she is saying.

Turning the body away, covering the face or mouth, a lot of fidgeting of hands or legs can indicate deception.

When a listener uses this gesture, it may signify distrust, uncertainty or doubt about things that were said.

When it is accompanied by widening of the eyes, it signifies surprise at what is being heard.


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