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The concept behind our body language cards was to translate those movements into a visual tool that would aid in creating targeted communications using brain studies introduced in the cortico-limbic theory.

Our body language cards were created to help you recognize the most common movements, and how to use their meaning to your advantage. Body Language Cards use flash card methodology to introduce the basics of body language and the general concepts of how to read and understand body language.

Our vision is to improve the communication and understanding among mankind. We do it by developing outstanding, user-friendly and accessible self-training communication skill tools. We called it – Skill in a BoX.

Dan Rolls and Gill Shermeister developed the Body Language Cards in 1998 as a professional tool for Body Language training. It quickly became a leading resource for corporate training courses in negotiation, interviewing and presentation skills.

The Basic Body Language Cards have been translated to 4 additional languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrewo, and German) and make a perfect gift for corporate recognition as they offer a unique opportunity for skill building to managers, sale teams and even customers.

The success of the basic Body Language Cards kit, led us to develop more specialized kits for negotiation and interviews and a unique kit for dating and flirting.

If you have any further questions that we didn't cover, please feel free to contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call us: 650.996.9332 Calfornia, Pacific Time Zone.

New, iPhone App version for the "Body language Cards"

We chose flash cards because they offered a visual learning experience, and body language is a visual experience.

Dan Rolls, President, Co Creator

An experienced entrepreneur and business consultant interested in promoting human communication. As an entrepreneur CEO, Dan founded three companies:  Famillion - the world wide family project. ViVVVa (a social network for fashion and style) and co-founded Lobby – thinking and design, a creative marketing boutique.

Over 10 years ago, as a young entrepreneur, Dan was surprised to discover that many businessmen have a body language expert attending their meetings. Realizing the advantage such a tool can provide (to know when someone is faking or how one feels about what you say) he decided to study body language.

Soon he realized that this is a hard task; you can read a lot about body language but this was not the kind of practical knowledge that one can use. Therefore, together with Gil Shermister, a zoologist that for over 30 years focused on effective communication and body language they developed the original version of Body Language Cards.

Since then, the body language cards were translated to over 5 languages and became a success among professional training experts throughout the world.

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Liat Zohar, CEO


Liat Zohar is a Certified and Accredited Leadership Life Coach living in San Jose, CA.

She holds a degree in Psychology and Child Development and graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

She created different programs to improve communication skills and self-esteem among teenagers and adults, created the program for Bay Area Project PRIDE, co-created the workshop Points of Humor – learning to deal with life through humor and co-created the program Early Jump Start for students in middle schools.

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Gill Shermeister, Co Creator

Trained as a zoologist Gill was fascinated by the similarities between basic mammalian behaviors and those of humans. He has spent the last 18 years researching his field and is highly sought-after as a lecturer on non-verbal communication, presentation skills, and public speaking.

He is a personal trainer for many leading corporate negotiators and politicians.
Gill is happy to share his professional secrets through this unique tool designed to help you master the secrets of Body Language.

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Jim Thylin, VP marketing

Seventeen plus years of experience in Silicon Valley technology sales & marketing, has allowed me to develop my skill set in many diverse environments, adding productivity & value in a wide range of sales & marketing positions. Jim focused on increasing revenue in consumer electronic retail, manufacturing and OEM markets has produced profitable sales, marketing & product branding results.

Jim hands on work experience also includes; creating & implementing classroom & round table style training programs, developing budgets, working in & creating efficient project management teams & raising 7 figure “public” funds for development projects. And on a personal level, have been attending personal development & training seminars on a regular basis for over 15 years, helping cultivate my strong optimistic demeanor & big picture way of thinking. My passion for improved Health, longevity and quality of life has helped me compile some amazing research on "Baby Boomer trends towards increased spending in those same areas. As we all know, the Boomer demographic has lead the way in just about every trend over the last 60 years. This data is fascinating and demonstrates Jim ability to “think outside the box” bringing fresh new ideas to your organization.

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Asya Rolls, PhD. Scientific Advisory

Asya Rolls, with a PhD in Neuroscience, currently conducts her research on memory consolidation processes at Stanford University. She has been a key contributor in the development of the Body Language Cards and the design of their usage method to maximize their effectiveness. Her last paper on the importance of sleep was reported on in USA Today, CBS, ABC News, BBC and Science News, and many others
Moran Cerf, PhD. Scientific Advisory

Computational Neuroscience, California Institute of Technology ('Caltech'), the Department of Neurosurgery, University of California, Los Angeles ('UCLA') and Stern School of Business, New York University ('NYU')
Moran Cerf, Michael Mackay, Christof Koch, Evidence for two distinct mechanisms directing gaze in natural scenes, Journal of Vision, 12(4):9, 1-12, 2012

Moran Cerf - Moth GrandSLAM winning story - Theme: Big ...Youtube 1, 201110 minUploaded by ytbdtcm
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Moran Cerf at Humanity+ @ Caltech: "Advanced Brain ...Youtube 21, 201117 minUploaded by humanityplusvideos
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Thought projection by neurons in the human brain - YouTube 27, 20109 minUploaded by NatureVideoChannel
Nature · 'Nature · Video' · NPG · 'Moran · Cerf' · Cerf · 'brain · machine · interface' · machine ...





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