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Learn the secrets of Body Language with only 56 cards

The information in this field is organized mostly in books, which is amazing taking into consideration the fact that it’s a visual mode of communication, and the crucial thing is to have the visual memory of the movement in mind when one encounters the relevant gesture.


Hands across the chest

Cards send a signal to our brain that it’s a game and not another bulk of information that we have to learn. People like to play and thus the information is more effectively consolidated.
By flash cards much of the information is integrated in additional brain areas, those involved in habits acquisition.
It’s also a very easy way to practice and repeat the information- which is more complicated with other means.

Our concept is based on the cortico-limbic theory for targeted communication, as a means to educate the “thinking” brain, the neocortex, with information that is already inherited in our “emotional” part of the brain, the limbic system.

Studies have shown that specific brain area within the limbic system (the EBL area of the amygdala) is activated in response to emotional body gestures. However, only a few of us are actually aware to the meaning and the interpretation of these gestures in a way that enables them to consciously use it as a working tool to understand others and to control their own body language and improve their communication skills.

Our system is based on visual modes of learning.  Body language is a visual language and we use the same modality to encode in our “thinking” brain with its interoperation.

The first product we developed is the Body Language Cards - A flash cards tool that introduces the basic gestures of body language and presents the general concepts of reading and understanding body language.

We developed additional and specialized products for specific sectors starting with public speaking, negotiation, multi cultural communication and dating.  We will also provide additional web-based training tools and applications.

Our Mission Statement: to improve the understanding and the communication between all mankind.
Our Goals: to create intelligent and user friendly tools that will be used on a daily basis for any interpersonal relationships, cross languages, cultures and approaches.     

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression”


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